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Nokia E61 Review

2 March 2006

Nokia e61.JPG
Mobile Whack reported that the Nokia E61 recently received FCC approval – so we’ll be seeing it soon! Here’s what they had to say – ‘W00t! Nokia’s full-QWERTY keyboard business phone, the Nokia E61 (also called Blackberry-killer), has just been granted approval from the almighty FCC paving its entry into the US market. Apart from the joystick for navigation (like the Nokia 6600), one of the things I like about the E61 is the quick-access e-mail button, which makes sense for a business phone.’

Mobile Phone Fan reviews the Nokia E61 and writes – ‘Tactile feedback of QWERTY keyboard in nokia E61 was not so good – it felt cheap and without distinct click, but probably it was just prototype/engineering sample and not final phone, so one can’t say for sure.

The QWERTY keyboard in nokia E61 allows for SINGLE HANDED KEYBOARD USAGE and this is the single most important feature of this phone.’

Alll About Symbian reviews the Nokia E61 and they have an interesting take – ‘The E61, I think, finally crosses the line between smartphone and PDA. Whether companies and sites are going to pigeonhole the E61 as a super smartphone or a PDA with a phone attached is immaterial. What we have here is a portable computer, which has a huge range of built-in applications and can be extended by third party developers -Nokia are no longer simply a phone manufacturer.

The keys to the E61 are two-fold, and both are based around the business culture of instant (push) email. How well this works, and how effective Nokia are at marketing this device over other push and Windows Mobile devices, is crucial. It may well have over the air connectivity to MS Exchange via Active Sync and the Blackberry Connect service, but IT departments will need to be convinced to move away from solutions they are familiar with, for any success to be seen with the E61.’

This definately looks like a sweet phone, even with the smallish screen. My only question is why no EDGE? Seems like a strange omission, doesn’t it?

Update: The Nokia E61 will have EDGE – thanks Jason for pointing that out. Sorry I missed it guys.

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