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Nokia e70 Preview

3 February 2006


The Nokia e70 is one of the most exciting upcoming smarpthones. It has one of those truly unique designs that just hasn’t been done before. I’m not sure what it’ll feel like in real life, but the design is extremely impressive. I’m really looking forward to this phone’s release. I know it’s probably a dream, but I sure would like to see a CDMA version for Sprint. I just can’t stand GSM voice quality.

Mobile Burn has some great news – the Nokia e70 just received FCC approval. Few companies go through the trouble of obtaining the FCC’s ok if they don’t plan to bring the device to market. Here’s a clip of their post – ‘On the other hand, the Nokia E70 is all business. Still featuring the same 2.0 megapixel camera, WiFi, and Bluetooth, but losing the hard drive in favour of a flip open QWERTY keypad. The E70 is clearly aimed at the messaging crowd, and has a very stylish business look to it.’

Mobile Review has aaaaaaaaaaalllll the specs on the Nokia e70. Looks like it’ll have Symbian OS version 9.1, bluetooth, wifi, 75 MB RAM, and a mini-SD slot.

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