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Nokia N70 review

22 February 2006

Nokia N70
All About Symbian reviews the Nokia N70 and writes – ‘The Nokia 6630 was perhaps the base for the modern generation of smartphones, being the first with 3G and stereo music output, but the 6680 refined the concept further, at the expense of gotchas like having less RAM to run programs in. The N70 is the current state of the art (amongst shipping devices, at least), bringing the spec up to date with 32MB (count ’em!) of free RAM, 21MB of free flash storage in its internal disk, a 2 Megapixel camera, near-VHS video recording and an FM radio. And the N70 is arguably smaller than the 6630!’

Lord Percy reviews the Nokia N70 and writes – ‘Our main gripe is that the N70 doesn’t have WiFi and that the reduced size MMC card slot isn’t well positioned to allow any external form of WiFi card to be used, assuming you could find one that would do the job! The RS MMC card slot is filled with a 64mb card as standard but will expand to at least 512mb should you wish to spend a bit more, this is probably necessary if you intend to use the multimedia features at all as the internal memory is just 32mb with around 21mb free for your own use.’

GSM Arena reviews the Nokia N70 and writes – ‘Once you get connected to internet, you will find out that Nokia N70 is probably the best equipped mobile phone ever. It works with GPRS Class 10 and EDGE Class 10. In addition, it supports third-generation networks in the WCDMA standard. Unfortunately, I did not try out data transferring via 3G. I do not have exact proofs about EDGE either. The problem is that Nokia does not alert you, when EDGE is available. As a result, the user has no idea, whether he is connected through GPRS or through the faster EDGE. The situation changes when 3G come into the play, for its symbol gets clearly displayed.’

InfoSync reviews the Nokia N70 and writes – ‘As we’ve come to expect from Nokia, voice quality and signal reception proved outstanding in the N70, and we’re thrilled to see Nokia finally introducing speaker independent name dialling – which performed expertly except for an expected decline in recognition in increasingly noisy environments. Furthermore, the loudspeaker mode works very well indeed, and battery life proved exceptionally good despite heavy 3G use; a couple of days and in some cases more could easily be squeezed out of this particular smartphone. ‘

CNET also reviews the Nokia N70 and writes – ‘Our biggest gripe about the design is its tiny keys. While the buttons are intuitively placed and ergonomically designed to offer good tactile feedback, the number pad is just too small for comfortable SMSing, particular for those with big fingers. On both sides of the number keypad are four buttons (for menu, media gallery, cancel and text pencil input). ‘

Overal it sounds like another hit from Nokia. I hope one day they’ll migrate to either Windows Mobile or even Palm OS.. but they definately seem married to Symbian for now. Oh well, I still don’t think that takes away from this phone – it’s a sweet design, and only really lacks WiFi as far as I can tell.

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