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Orange SPV M600 Review

24 April 2006

Orange SPV M600The Orange SPV M600 is a compact PDA released for the Orange network in the UK. This device is a bit of a throwback in some ways, mainly because it has no keyboard. The first smartphones either had a keypad like a regular phone, or a virtual keypad and no ‘hard’ keys, like the M600. running Windows Mobile 5. Of course, this device is a member of the HTC family; it is based on the HTC Prophet design. Here are some of the specs:

CoolSmartPhone reviews the Orange SPV M600 and writes – ‘The lack of Messenger on this device is surprising, and I’ve no idea why it was dropped from the specs. I also foundd the lack of a flash a tad painful, however at least on of these problems is instantly fixable by installing MSN Messenger seperately. The speaker-phone, which is activated by pressing and holding the green “answer” button during a call, is muffled when you leave the device on a desk or in your hand. The reason? The speaker is at the back, right next to the mirror. You end up rotating the M600 around so that you can hear people.
Overall the M600 has some excellently subtle yet striking looks and does it’s job well. However, like the T-Mobile MDA Vario I found myself wanting just a tad more juice in the CPU. Sure, it’s not slow by any stretch of the imagination but it could be a little quicker. The camera is much better and the 2 Megapixel quality shines through. The WiFi operates well and the power-saving functions do a great job in prolonging battery life. I found the extra one-handed functionality worked well, and it’s easy to fool people into thinking that this is a “fancy phone” rather than a Pocket PC.
For those who need a Pocket PC phone but don’t want people to know they’ve got one the M600 is great. It’s got good design, it’s got style, it’s got functionality and it has the capability too. The M600 is a deserved addition to the SPV line-up at Orange.’

Infosync reviews the Orange SPV M600 and writes – ‘Contrasts abound in Orange’s SPV M600. An excellent display and comprehensive connectivity are held back by the absence of a thumbboard and 3G, resulting in a device best suited for viewing rather than editing data. At this, it does very well indeed, and although it’s no match for the operator’s own SPV M5000, good battery life, an improved setup for one-handed navigation and a 2 Megapixel camera render it a very nice sidekick indeed – even though its performance is modest and its memory limited.
What’s positive:
Impressively small; good one-handed navigation and battery life; 2 Megapixel camera
What’s negative:
Lacks thumbboard and 3G; limited memory’

Trusted Reviews also reviews the Orange SPV M600, and they write – ‘Obviously it’s not perfect – very few things are. The lack of a keyboard means that my SPV M5000 will still be used when I’m taking notes in a press conference, or writing up short articles on the move. But the SPV M600 is ideal for general email duties while I’m out and about, assuming I don’t want to send someone a small novel.
The EDGE capability of the M600 definitely makes itself apparent when you’re browsing the web – this device is surprisingly speedy, and I’ve been whiling away many a train journey by catching up on the BBC mobile website. The absence of MSN messenger is a disappointment though, since I use this often while I’m out of the office – to be fair though, it’s not too much of a chore to install it.
Ultimately, the M600 is a great mobile device that ticks pretty much all the right boxes. If, like me, you’ve been waiting for a single device to take care of all your data needs, while being small and stylish enough to be used as your regular mobile phone, take a look at the SPV M600.

Reg Hardware reviews the Orange SPV M600 and writes – ‘The Orange SPV M600 is an affordable, fully featured Windows Mobile 5 smart phone at a bargain price. It lacks 3G support, but with EDGE you still get fairly decent download speeds and, if you need faster access,the built-in Wi-Fi support gives you the option to access hotspots and other wireless internet links.’

MS Mobile News reviews the Orange SPV M600 and writes – ‘The Orange SPV M600 is a great trade off in terms of size versus function; with a feature packed list of specifications that actually delivers on most counts it will keep the vast majority of its customers more than happy. With WiFi, Bluetooth, a decent screen (bright and clear although not as high resolution as we’d have liked), a CPU that runs at a speed faster than you would expect and all of the usual features that you would expect from a Windows Mobile Pocket PC such as Internet browsing, audio and video playback, full POP and IMAP email support, and the ability to be able to install a huge range of third party applications, the M600 is a very powerful device that fits in the palm of your hand. It can be used for the most part using one hand if you’re willing to make the odd selection with your fingernail, otherwise you’ll find yourself pulling out the stylus quite a lot. Couple this with the obvious advantages of synchronising PIM with Outlook (contacts, calendar, inbox, tasks etc) and you’ll find yourself potentially replacing your diary, address book, telephone and PDA with this one device, I guess that’s the whole point of a Pocket PC Phone Edition after all! ‘

I think this is a phone geared toward those few folks who feel they need more than a Microsoft Smartphone type device can offer, but aren’t quite ready for a full-fledged slide out keyboard device. With its compact size and full suite of connectivity options, this phone has some great features. Lack of 3G support, as well as the anemic memory leave me confused. The CPU is a bit of a mystery to me as well; I can only imagine battery life as the reason to choose this CPU over the 416 mHz Xscale. What do you guys think about this one?

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