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Ordered my Treo 755p

2 July 2007

treo-755p-blue.jpgI even surprised myself by forking over $279.99 for a brand new Treo 755p. In my last post, I pretty much had my mind made up about not buying one. However, I needed a new business phone, and decided to spring for it. What changed my mind? Well, a couple things. One, after applying the Palm update to my trusty 700p, I now have blurry text that no one besides myself can see. However, I can see it and it hurts my eyes.

I also like the smaller size of the 755p ( yes it’s an amazingly small difference, but I’ll take it ). No antenna is a plus as well. It is a shame that I have to buy a new memory card, but they’re cheap.

I almost bought the Mogul instead ( simply amazing phone ), but I would miss the one-handed operation of the Treo. I’ll report back in a few days on my impressions.

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