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Palm releases Sprint Treo 650 Update

13 February 2006

Sprint Palm treo 650
Palm released this update, version 1.13, for Sprint’s Treo 650 just a few weeks ago. Most of you should already have version 1.12 by now, so this isn’t a huge update, with only 2 additional fixes.

Integrates the Treo 650 E911 Updater to improve the ability of emergency response personnel to locate users who dial 911 from the Treo 650 smartphone

Improves memory handling when using background applications such as GoodLink

The second one seems to be a big one – while I don’t use GoodLink, I know that my Treo has issues with anything running in the background. If I’m playing MP3’s, using Blazer, and get an SMS – I can pretty much count on a good ol soft reset. Read all the goods at EverythingTreo. Or get the download straight from Palm.

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