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Palm Treo 700p – My first impressions

23 June 2006

This is the smartphone I’ve been waiting for, for who knows how long. Where do I begin? I have no problem saying that this is the best smartphone I’ve used to date, ever. I can say that with confidence.

The shining spot on the Treo 700p is absolutely the EV-DO. Using Blazer no longer makes me want to poke my eyes out as I wait for it – it moves zippily along most of the time. One pet peeve of mine is loading time – it takes for-freaking-ever to exit blazer, and even longer to reopen it. This issue is even worse when looking at a large page. I guess this is due to the fact that Palm OS doesn’t multitask- so it really isn’t fair to compare it to my wife’s PPC-6700 which loads up PIE in a flash. The EV-DO alone makes the Treo 700p a worthwhile upgrade to Treo 650 users, in my opinion. For the right price, that is.

The increased memory should bring nothing but joy…. but I can’t say that it does. It sure is nice having all that memory – on paper it’s great. However, you’ll notice that as you use more and more of the memory, your Treo begins to slow down, slower and slower. I can’t imagine what it would be like if you nearly filled it. What good is the added memory if I can’t use it?

Stability – those of you who are long time readers have read about the stability – or lack of – on my Treo 650. It was crashing 4-5 times a day or more. With the 700p – it’s still crashing once or twice. I want to pin it on a 3rd party app.. but I’m having trouble. It only seems to crash when Blazer is involved. I’m not pointing fingers just yet, but….

Camera – yup it’s better, but still struggles in low light. I won’t use it much. It’s only for use in a pinch, and good at what it is designed for.

Overall, I’m glad I upgraded. Yes, my Sprint plan is more expensive now, with the Power Vision and now I have to pay for SMS. But I’m impatient, and want things as quick as possible. As soon as they have an Intel Core Duo CPU in a Treo, you can be sure I’ll sign up for one. Until then, the Treo 700p is the best we’ve got. Good job Palm. Here’s hoping you can release an update to fix the speed issue ASAP.

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