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Palm Treo 700p Review at CNet

18 May 2006

treo%20700p.pngCNet reviews the Palm Treo 700p and writes – ‘Surfing the Web on the Palm Treo 700p was a relatively good experience. Download speeds weren’t mind-blowing, but the support for Sprint’s EV-DO network definitely made a difference, as even graphics-intensive sites such as CNET.com loaded quickly. We also watched an episode of Fox’s Prison Break on the 700p, and we admit it’s cool having the ability to watch TV on a palm-size device, but the picture was way too pixelated to enjoy the experience. Also, the sound became muffled when we laid the device on a table; to get the best results, we suggest using the wired headset.’

It sounds like CNet liked the Treo 700p alot, but didn’t love it.

Read more about the Palm Treo 700p here.

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