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Palm Treo 700p review at PC Mag

25 May 2006

PC Mag reviews the Palm Treo 700p and writes – ‘At $399 with a two-year contract, the Treo 700p is cheaper than top-end Pocket PCs, but it costs more than BlackBerrys. And the old Treo 650 still isn’t that shabby. Upgrading will be a tough sell to Treo 650 owners, who already have most of the 700p’s functionality, but the 700p is a good value if you don’t have a PDA/phone yet.’

Hmmm they dont’ seem to think Treo 650 users will all upgrade to the 700p? That’s rather surprising. I think that we’ll see the vast majority of Treo 650 users turning their smartphones in for a shiny new 700p. Time will tell.

Read more about the Palm Treo 700p.

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