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Palm Treo 700p Review at Unstrung

7 June 2006

treo%20700p.pngUnstrung reviews the Palm Treo 700p and doesn’t seem to be a huge Palm OS fan – ‘Given that Verizon has a wider EVDO data network than Sprint, offers the Wireless Sync product for free, and (in our opinion) has a better phone/PDA integration, there’s little reason to go with the 700p unless you’re a real Palm OS fan. The only two advantages the 700p offers are better memory management (which, admittedly, is a major pain in the rear on the 700w) and a high resolution screen. However, since the screen is the same physical size, it’s not clear how much of an advantage that’s going to be for anyone without superhuman eyesight.’

Read more about the Palm Treo 700p.

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