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Qtek 8500 review at Pocket Now

23 July 2006

htc_star_trek.jpgPocket Now reviews the Qtek 8500 and likes the screen, but laments its usability outdoors – ‘The Qtek 8500’s design is very stylish, slim, and sexy. Since HTC has crammed a 240×320 pixel screen into a 2.2 inch area, the crispness and color of the display is excellent… except outdoors. If you’re outside during the day, this screen gets totally washed out. The shiny plastic covering also helps cause a lot of glare while outdoors.’

This sounds like a big oversight from HTC / Qtek on this one. A phone must, above all other things, but usable as a phone. And that means outdoors. With the “normal phone” form factor of the Qtek 8500, people are going to use it even more like a regular phone. That means dialing while walking, texting while walking outside, etc.

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