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Qtek 8500

19 May 2006

htc_star_trek.jpgQtek recently released the 8500 to the folks across the pond in Europe. Based on the HTC Star Trek design, the Qtek 8500 is most noticeably a very thin, very stylish phone. By looking at it, you’d think it was one of those chic new phones that everyone has. But no! Inside you find the wonders of Windows Mobile 5.0. Bueno.

Qtek 8500 Specifications

CPU : 200 mHz OMAP
Micro-SD memory card slot
240×320 internal full-color screen

Qtek 8500 Reviews

The Unwired reviews the Qtek 8500 and is very impressed by what the see – ‘The Qtek 8500 is something completely different to what we’ve seen in the past from HTC regarding Windows Mobile Smartphones – it’s a lifestyle and fashion-device which can also attract – I’m sure – non-Windows Mobile fans but just regular mobile phone users. It’s continuing the way, Motorola has introduced with its RAZR V3 (which stands model for the Qtek 8500) mobile and thin is beautiful, no question. Also the used materials and colors makes this device a mobile phone for the young and lifestyle orientated generation. Hardcore Windows Mobile users might miss features like W-LAN support, UMTS or IrDA but the regular mobile phone user will not miss it at all, I’m sure. Therefore this approach, to introduce a “prosumer” orientated mobile phone can helps Windows Mobile Smartphone to get a wider reach.’

Qtek and HTC are definately going after a new market segment with this device. Previous Windows Smartphones and PocketPC phones were larger ( albeit more powerful ) than regular phones. Sometimes the designs could be considered clunky to the average person, who couldn’t recognize the greater ability right away. Enter the Qtek 8500. With it’s RAZR-esque design, style, size,and form factor are no longer a problem. This phone will appeal to the average person, who will hopefully, in time, being to realize the fantastic power of a smartphone. Kudos to HTC and Qtek on this one.

TrustedReviews reviews the Qtek 8500 and has this to say – ‘It is nice to see Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone break away from the candy bar format, and there is nothing amiss with the software itself which stacks up to its appearances in other hardware well. Indeed the inclusion of the ClearVue suite could be quite an advantage for some. The wheeze of offering a pink variant should increase the Qtek 8500’s appeal, too.
But there are plenty of alternatives to choose from in the Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone camp, and unless you are a flip phone fan not a great deal to recommend this variant over one of the others. ‘

Pocket Now reviews the Qtek 8500 and likes the screen, but laments its usability outdoors – ‘The Qtek 8500’s design is very stylish, slim, and sexy. Since HTC has crammed a 240×320 pixel screen into a 2.2 inch area, the crispness and color of the display is excellent… except outdoors. If you’re outside during the day, this screen gets totally washed out. The shiny plastic covering also helps cause a lot of glare while outdoors.’

This sounds like a big oversight from HTC / Qtek on this one. A phone must, above all other things, but usable as a phone. And that means outdoors. With the “normal phone” form factor of the Qtek 8500, people are going to use it even more like a regular phone. That means dialing while walking, texting while walking outside, etc.

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