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Samsung i-730 review at Mobile Tracker

1 January 2006

Mobile Tracker reviews the Samsung i-730 and writes – ‘The Samsung SCH-i730 PDA/phone is an extremely fast, highly capable Pocket PC PDA with a stunning 320×240 screen which can be used in portrait or landscape modes, and cell phone with high quality reception. Unfortunately, the i730 empties its battery much too quickly, and, at a weight of virtually 8 oz (227gm) with its essential “extended” battery installed, is heavier than Palm’s weighty Treo.’

Mobile Passion reviews the Samsung i-730 and writes – ‘Samsung’s new SCH-i730 is a major improvement over their previous i700. The most visible change is the slide-down QWERTY thumb keyboard, for e-mail and other text entry duties. Less visible, but perhaps more important is the enhanced wireless power built into the device. The i730 has a built-in EVDO/1xRTT capable mobile phone as well as integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability.’

Mobile Tech Review reviews the Samsung i-730 and writes – ‘The Swiss Army Knife of Pocket PC phones. It has everything except a camera: Bluetooth, WiFi, EVDO, an AV remote, excellent thumb keyboard and voice recognition. Not only that, it’s quite compact, especially with the standard battery. If you’re a power user craving serious processing power, plenty of memory and triple wireless, the i730 beckons. The keyboard slider is well made and has nice spring-loaded action and the keyboard itself is on par with the Treo 650. The screen is vibrant and bright, incoming call volume is good enough for even noisy places and Bluetooth plays well with all the headsets we tested’

This phone has been out for a few months, but I just discovered it today. I may have to give this one a serious look. It’s almsot exactly Treo-sized, but with a much larger screen, due to the slide-out keyboard. Phenomenal looking phone.

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