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Samsung SGH-D600 Review at MobileBurn

27 December 2005

Samsung D600

While the Samsung SGH-D600 isn’t technically a smartphone, I found it interesting enough to post here. It does have some smartphone features, such as Bluetooth, a memory card slot, and calender synchronization software.

MobileBurn reviews the Samsung SGH-D600 and writes – ‘Samsung’s SGH-D600 is a phone that is oh so close to being perfect. The camera takes some really beautiful phone, the display is magnificent, the slider form factor works well, it has quad band GSM support, and a host of other wonderful traits. But it also has one glaring problem: the T9 speed. Granted, that’s not as bad a not being able to make calls or something, but for many people, texting is a way of life. It will be a slower way of life if they use the D600.’

The Register has their own opinions on the Samsung SGH-D600 – ‘This is a great handset that should be at the top of your list if you are looking for a good GSM handset without a focus on mobile office working. What the D600 is good at is just being a stylish-looking phone for those not fussed with being connected to the office every waking minute or turning their mobile into a home entertainment system.’

Over at CNET here’s what they have to say on the Samsung SGH-D600 – ‘A first we’ve seen is the inclusion of an A/V output on a mobile phone. Using the same proprietary connector as the headphones, you attach one end of the supplied A/V cable to the side of the D600 and the other into composite video and stereo audio connections on your TV or projector. Once connected, the D600’s screen goes blank and the phone’s display is routed to the TV.’

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