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Smartphone Reviews : Nextel i930 Review

19 January 2006

Nextel i930

Smartphone Thoughts reviews the Nextel i930 and writes – ‘Now that you have read through the complete review, you must have noticed that I have had mostly positive things to say about this Motorola Smartphone. Personally I think that Motorola has done an excellent job in customizing the Windows Mobile operating system to meet the unique requirements put in place by the folks at Sprint-Nextel. It also explains why Motorola took such a long time to release this Smartphone and is probably the reason why it is running an older Windows Mobile operating system.’

CNET reviews the Nextel i930 and writes – ‘Aside from its heft, weak battery performance and the lack of Bluetooth connectivity will make some potential users think twice before shelling out $500 for the Nextel i930.’

Mobile Tech Review also reviews the Nextel i930. They write – ‘The i930 has a solid, sturdy feeling in hand and has some serious weight. It’s thicker than the Sprint PPC-6700. The Smartphone has a slight wobble on the flip, because I can move the top of the flip slightly to the left and right. Since we only had one unit for review, I can’t say if all i930s have this wobble. The wobble did not worsen during our testing period, and opening the flip gives you that nice, reassuring click.’

For a smartphone of this size, I personally would demand a lot more in the way of features. Windows Mobile 5 for starters – and where’s the bluetooth? Haven’t they heard that BT is almost a requirement in today’s smartphones? And I would absolutely expect top-notch battery life with the absense of bluetooth & wifi. Overall, I have to say I’m pretty thoroughly unimpressed, Nextel. You could’ve done so much more.

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