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Smartphone Reviews : Pocket LOOX T800

15 January 2006

Pocket LOOX T800
RIMarkable has the scoop on the Pocket LOOX T800 – here’s what they have found out – ‘Fujitsu-Siemens will enter into the mobile phone / PDA arena currently dominated by the BlackBerry with two new Pocket LOOX devices, the T810, and the T830. Both devices are rumored to have UMTS, 802.11g, Bluetooth 2.0, 128MB flash memory, 64MB RAM, Windows Mobile 5.0 AKU2, and GPS. ‘

Engadget also has some useful info on the Pocket LOOX T800 – ‘Looks like the LOOX T800 series (including the T810 and T830) will apparently be announced right prior to V-day next month at 3GSM, and will be shipping in July if we’re to believe Pocketinfo’

Wow, that’s a powerful-sounding device. Form factor looks sweet – I wonder how the keyboard will be on it though. With all those goodies, bluetooth & wifi, tons of RAM, and the latest version of Windows Mobile – this could be one to watch. Can’t wait to hear reports on battery life.

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