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Smartphone Reviews : Samsung i300x

18 January 2006

Samsung i300x

Engadget has the scoop on the Samsung i300x – here’s a clip – ‘Ok, look, we’re gonna be straight up on this one. We do like the fact that Samsung’s not settling down on the i300 and releasing the thing as a one-off or something like that — and we’re certainly not complaining about getting an extra gig of storage space at 4GB over its previous 3GB. But you know what we’d trade off before getting that extra bit of space? How about sooner getting Windows Mobile 5.0 on the thing instead of sticking to 2003 SE?’

Check out the official site on the Samsung i300x

This phone sounds pretty interesting. A 4GB harddrive makes all kinds of room for MP3’s & pictures. With the 1.3MP camera integrated, it will be worth taking lots of pictures. I hope Engadget is wrong about the OS though – this device really should have Windows Mobile 5. ETA? With Samsung you just never know. Great company, with some wild designs, but they definately have some issues with over-promising & under-delivering. They need to get their product launches completely in a more timely manner.

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