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Smartphone Reviews : Verizon XV6700 Review

27 January 2006

Verizon XV6700
Mobile Tech Review has written a review of the Verizon XV6700 and they wrote – ‘The XV6700 is a compact Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC phone with a standard QVGA display, 416 MHz processor, 64 megs of RAM, 128 megs of flash ROM, EVDO, WiFi, Bluetooth and a 1.3 megapixel camera. Quite a few features for the relatively modest $399 new contract price! Its unique (well, unique to the HTC Wizard and Apache designs) side-firing slide out keyboard is roomy, easy to use and backlit.’

InfoSync World also reviewed the Verizon XV6700. They wrote – ‘To compete with other recent entries such as the Samsung SCH-i830, other hardware highlights of the XV6700 include a 1.3 Megapixel camera which in addition to shooting stills records video to MJPEG, MPEG4 and 3GGP2 formats; a miniSD card expansion slot for extending the memory of the device; and a 2.5 mm handsfree kit jack.’

Pocket PC Central reviews the Verizon XV6700, and they write – ‘Sold in other parts of the world as the HTC Apache, the XV6700 Pocket PC Phone is small and sleek, featuring a slide-to-hide QWERTY keyboard that slides out to the left, unlike many Pocket PC Phones (like the Samsung i730) which feature a downward-sliding keyboard.’

jkOnTheRun recently posted a video review of the Verizon XV6700. This is one of those reviews that is definately a must if you’re considering this device. It shows the device in action, compares the size to other devices, and is just all around a fantastic view. Well worth the download of about 60 MB.

Top Tech News reviews the Verizon XV6700 and writes – ‘ Verizon’s new smartphone offers good looks with great business features, but a lack of some connectivity options knocks the XV6700 down a few pegs. Business road warriors can find better options in the super-popular Palm Treo 700w.’

Just like the Sprint PPC6700, I’ve no doubt the Verizon XV6700 will be a big hit. The HTC Apache is just a fantastic design. The only thing I wish were different would be a regular SD card slot instead of the mini-SD card slot.

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