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Smartphones better than iPods?

5 April 2006

Duh. Of course they are. Either one of my smartphones does everything an iPod can do, and so much more. However, the iPod is sucessful to two main reasons I can see. For one, it is simple – it does exactly what it is supposed to do, exactly the way it is supposed to do it. It works easily; it is intuitive. It is compact – it straps to my arm while I exercise; it’s not bulky.

The other reason ties into it quite nicely – Caressability. It’s not scientific, it’s not logical. But it is just as, if not more real. iPods have it, many smartphones do not. There’s just something about an iPod that is naturally impressive, stylish, desireable. People like us may not get it, because we like devices that do everything, all in one.

I too, am guilty of the iPod bug though. There are two matching black Nanos that accompany my wife and I whenever we go to the gym. Strangely enough, my Treo 650 and her PPC-6700 tend to stay behind.

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