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Sprint PPC-6700 Review by Engadget

26 December 2005

Engadget reviews the Sprint PPC-6700 and has this to say ‘ Though the unit performed quickly each time we used it, there were issues with the screen orientation getting wonky. It’s not that it never came backā€”it always would, just that it got a little confused sometimes. The sliding hinge left something to be desired (as our pals at PhoneScoop said it, it didn’t “inspire confidence”), the silver keyboard and the white backlight made it extremely difficult to read, and, of course, that chubby antenna where the Wizard has none.’

Mobile Tech Review reviews the Sprint PPC-6700 and writes ‘A great looking and ergonomic device with a creative design that works. The roomy keyboard and large domed keys will be the sweetheart of email and IM addicts. It’s compact, runs Windows Mobile 5.0 and has EVDO- sweet! WiFi and Bluetooth will please power users and those not in Sprint’s EVDO coverage areas. Call quality and clarity are good, even with poor coverage and beat the Samsung i730 which sometimes has choppy (though louder) incoming audio and too quiet outgoing audio.’

This is the first phone that’s made me even consider leaving the Palm OS world. There’s just a certain charm to this phone; it’s hard to put into words.

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