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Sprint Treo 700wx review at PC Mag

4 September 2006

PC Mag reviews the Sprint Treo 700wx and writes – ‘Sprint currently sells two excellent handhelds. One is the Palm Treo 700p, which combines the familiar Treo form factor with a gorgeous 320-by-320 screen, EV-DO networking, and the very snappy performance of the Palm OS. It’s hands down my favorite Treo and one of my favorite handhelds ever. On the Windows Mobile side, the Sprint PPC-6700 offers more power with a faster processor, a better screen, and integrated Wi-Fi wireless networking. It’s the best device for frequent travelers currently on Sprint’s network. So while the Treo 700wx does a decent job, it’s simply outmatched by the competition on two fronts.’

Read more about the Sprint Treo 700wx.

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