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Sprint Treo 700wx Review

3 September 2006

Verizon has had the only Windows powered Treo for long enough. Today Sprint introduced the new and improved Treo 700wx. This is great news for Sprint users like myself, who until now only had the Palm OS powered Treo 700p. The Treo 700wx is very similar to the Treo 700w , with the main difference being the desperately needed memory increase. The Sprint Treo 700wx also comes with DUN, which allows you to use it as a modem for your laptop. How much does the Treo 700wx cost? $649, or $499 with a 2 year contract.

Sprint Treo 700wx Specs

Sprint Treo 700wx Reviews

Mobile Tech Review reviews the Treo 700wx and writes – ‘The Treo is hard to beat in any form, and the 700wx improves on the 700w by adding more memory. This and the 700w are by far the easiest Windows Mobile Pocket PC phones to use one-handed and Palm’s usability enhancements and hardware design are a winning combination. The smartphone is responsive and stable and generally a joy to use in business and messaging-centric settings. Sprint’s Power Vision EVDO service is a bargain at $15/month for unlimited data transfer and the Treo’s web browser and strong email client will keep you well connected (including push email).’

PC Mag reviews the Sprint Treo 700wx and writes – ‘Sprint currently sells two excellent handhelds. One is the Palm Treo 700p, which combines the familiar Treo form factor with a gorgeous 320-by-320 screen, EV-DO networking, and the very snappy performance of the Palm OS. It’s hands down my favorite Treo and one of my favorite handhelds ever. On the Windows Mobile side, the Sprint PPC-6700 offers more power with a faster processor, a better screen, and integrated Wi-Fi wireless networking. It’s the best device for frequent travelers currently on Sprint’s network. So while the Treo 700wx does a decent job, it’s simply outmatched by the competition on two fronts.’

Treo Central has a first look type of review for the Sprint Treo 700wx and has apparently fallen in love – ‘The 700wx is fast. EvDO is fast. The device itself is very responsive – especially compared to the 700w.’, ‘Yes, it works as a dial-up modem. Windows only (so far as I can tell – it requires software be installed on the desktop), and it works. Works great

Treo Central completed their full review of the Sprint Treo 700wx and is 100% in love with it – ‘The burning question, I suppose, is whether it’s the best smartphone currently on the market. Not to put too fine a point on it: is it better than the 700p? Here’s my take: the 700wx is more powerful and has more functionality but WM5 is still less intuitive and easy-to-use then the 700p’s PalmOS. Nevertheless, for me, the 700wx is better.’

Cnet reviews the Sprint Treo 700wx and writes – ‘As we mentioned earlier, we experienced improved performance with the 700wx over the Treo 700w. The device was responsive as we performed various tasks, even with multiple applications open. We had no problems transferring, viewing, or editing Office documents, and music and video playback were also smooth.’

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