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Sprint Treo 755p Officially Available

23 May 2007

Sprint / Palm have officially released the Treo 755p, to little fanfare.  The “upgrades” to the Treo 700p are so minimal that most would not notice anything beyond the loss of the antenna.  So, what did Palm change?

I’m a diehard Treo fan, always have been , at least since the Treo 600 days.  I’m also a diehard Palm OS fan.  However, there is precisely zero chance that I’ll drop any money on the Treo 755p, even if it was absurdly cheap.  It isn’t any different than the 700p – at least not appreciably so.  Anyone else with a 700p is probably in the same boat.

Everyone who is making Windows smartphone’s these days is on the ball, and innovating.  Look at the Dash for example – a nice, slim form factor.  Why can’t we have a Treo that is slim and lightweight?  How about an updated operating system?  Perhaps improved stability and more included applications so we don’t have to rely on third party apps? 

There will probably come a day when even I will make the switch to a non-Palm OS smartphone.  I don’t look forward to it, but Palm is not innovating anymore, while everyone else is.

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