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Sprint Treo 755p pictures

23 April 2007

Sprint Treo 755p The Treo 755p for Sprint that I posted about recently looks to be on the way in the very near future.  Take a look at a couple of the spy shots – it uses the same form factor as the GSM Treo 750. 

Just about every Treo 700p user has been hoping for an updated, slimmer Treo for Sprint.  I think Palm could’ve done more with regards to making the 700p slimmer – just look at the Apple iPhone for proof that it’s possible.  However, the lack of an antenna is a big plus, and something we’ve been asking about for quite some time. 

Hard specs are still up in the air.  I wouldn’t expect any groundbreaking hardware updates this late in the game… someone would’ve heard a whisper by now if that was the case.  I’m just hoping for increased stability and speed – that would probably make me a happy camper.

More pictures at Engadget.

Sprint Treo 755p side

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