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T-Mobile MDA Review at MobileBurn

19 May 2006

T-mobile MDA.jpg
MobileBurn reviews popular T-Mobile MDA and has this to say – ‘There is no denying that the T-Mobile MDA, a variant of the HTC Wizard, is a very capable device. It has EDGE data and 802.11b WiFi connectivity, as well as options for USB, Bluetooth, and even infrared. There is little more that one could ask for there. The keyboard is reasonably usable, and the display is quite good as well.
But in my opinion, for a device to be truly practical as a phone, it must be usable with one hand most of the time. This is where the MDA falls short. Microsoft’s Windows Media 5.0 OS requires more buttons for one-handed use than are available on the MDA. As such, for a very large percentage of operations on the device, one is required to use their finger or the included stylus on the touch screen – something that most always requires a second hand.’

This has been my experience with every Windows Mobile device that I’ve used. While undeniably powerful and versatile, the need for two hands is definately something Microsoft needs to get to work on.

Read more about the T-Mobile MDA here.

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