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T-Mobile MDA Review at MS Mobile News

25 May 2006

T-mobile MDA.jpg
MS Mobile News reviews the T-Mobile MDA and doesn’t seem all too impressed – ‘I’m still undecided as to whether I like this device or not. I hate the cheap feel of it but I love the fact it has both wifi and a keyboard in a compact form. It is certainly more usable as an everyday phone than the Universal but there’s something about it that just really puts me off. What you have to remember here is that there are only two real advantages to having this device over say the Magician, wifi and the keyboard. If neither are important to you then don’t bother with the Wizard. If they are important to you then you must take into consideration the appalling battery life you get while connected via wifi and the fact that because the keyboard slides out from the side, there is little or no improvement to one-handed use when compared to the Magician.’

I’ll have to agree with the battery life point – my wife’s PPC-6700 gets awful battery life!

Read more about the T-Mobile MDA here.

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