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T-Mobile SDA Review

14 February 2006

T-Mobile SDACNET reviews the T-Mobile SDA and writes – ‘Oh, and the phone itself? It sounds great, and you can chat till your heart’s content with the SDA’s extralong battery life. Our only major gripe would have to be the cramped keypad–an advantage we give to the similarly featured and priced Cingular 2125.’

Design Technica reviews the T-Mobile SDA and they write – ‘The UI is easy enough for the novice to navigate and comes with some nice pre-installed applications such as Windows Media Player and Internet Explorer. This duo makes for a great multimedia experience. You’ll be able to go on the internet with the phone’s Wi-Fi, get some MP3s from your favorite band’s website, and then play them right then and there with Windows Media Player (WMP).’ They weren’t, however, impressed with the camera at all.  Most HTC designs seem to have so-so cameras.  They can’t be good at everything, I suppose.

The T-Mobile SDA is on sale now for $299. At that price, I think it’s an excellent bargain.

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