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The future of Palm OS

16 June 2006

Brighthand recently posted a fantastic, if almost alarmist, article about the future of the Palm OS as we know it. There are doubtless thousands of Palm OS fans like myself. We have watched the Palm OS go from being superior in every way to the handheld version of Windows, to falling behind in many measures. From a marketshare standpoint, the Palm OS has been a catastrophic failure for the last few years.

That being said, I believe there is a future for the Palm OS. It is still to this day easier to navigate a Palm OS device, compared to a Windows Mobile device. One handed operation is light years ahead. The simple tasks remain simple, whereas they tend to be overly complicated on a Windows based machine. People like simple, and they will continue to do so. However, people also like features, advanced features, and lots of them.

Palm needs to make sure they don’t continue to fall behind. It’s not too late – not by a long shot. While there have been plenty of defectors so far, there are many who have remained faithful. Palm has stayed the flow of blood with the Treo 700p – a fantastic, if not perfect device. They must get to work on an updated version of the Palm OS, which retains the simplicity they are known and loved for, yet brings more advanced features to our world. You can do it Palm – and we’re waiting.

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