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The sequel to Palm OS

25 August 2006

We all know that Palm OS is sorely in need of an update. Palm has been under fire for lack of OS progress for years – justifiably so. Palmsource was present at LinuxWorld recently, and had some information on the status of the Access Linux Platform.

One of the biggest changes I see is resolution support. Currently, Palm OS devices are 320×320 resolution. The next generation of Palm OS looks to support 320×240 – a step down in resolution. I can only hope that this is a misprint, and the correct resolution will be 320×480 – an upgrade.

Current Palm OS applications should work seamlessly with the Palm OS emulator, which should come as a relief to Palm OS fans everywhere. The wealth of applications available is, after all, one of the saving graces of the Palm OS.

Will Palm OS 6 ( as it will probably be called ) be the next generation OS we’ve all been waiting for? I don’t know. They need to rethink the resolution issue, and quickly. They need to bring back the stability that Palm used to be known for – this will be key in beating Windows Mobile.
Via SmartphoneToday.

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