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Top 6 Applications for your Palm – based Treo Smartphone – At Smartphone Reviews

7 January 2006

I’ve been using Treos for awhile – first the 600 , currently the 650. I have a bad habit of installing, and later uninstalling, a ton of software. See, I have the attention span of a doorknob – a doorknob doesn’t even know who opened it last.

But some programs have been constants on my Treo. Here’s my list of the tried & true.

  1. Chatter Email – “The” killer app for the Treo. Never check your email again – Chatter will let you know when you’ve got something worth reading. Makes the Blackberry obselete.
  2. Documents to Go – Read, create, and edit your Office files right on your Treo. No need to convert either – Documents to Go recognizes native file formats.
  3. ZLauncher – Really cleans up the default Treo interface. Also makes the memory issue go away – move many of your apps to the SD card to free up RAM.
  4. 2Day -What the title says. A “today screen” for the Treo. Integrates your calender & today list quite nicely. This is the way it should’ve come from Palm.
  5. Blazer – I know, I know, Blazer comes with the Treo. And it’s not perfect, and it crashes too much. But compared to all the other Treo browsers, Blazer renders more pages, more accurately, and more quickly.
  6. Ultrasoft Money – Keep track of your finances on your Treo. Syncs with Microsoft Money, and you can even choose which accounts to sync with the Treo, and which to keep only on your PC.

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