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Treo 650 vs PPC-6700 showdown

13 March 2006

Lately I’ve had more time at home with my wife, so I have both my Treo 650 and her PPC-6700 to choose from if I want to look something up. More and more, I find myself reaching for the PPC-6700, rather than my trusty old Treo 650. Why? A little bit of everything I think. At first it was the new toy, so it was a novelty. The novelty has long worn off, yet I prefer to use the PPC-6700.

The most obvious reason is the screen – web pages are generally rendered much better on the larger screen, in landscape mode. On the other hand, the Treo’s screen is much sharper, and appears much brighter.

Next comes speed. At home the PPC-6700 hops right on my wifi network, and web pages load instantly. Elsewhere, EVDO is signifantly faster than the Treo’s Vision internet. ( Sorry, I don’t know the fancy term for it. )

Perhaps the most important reason lately is stability. My Treo has been an absolute mess lately, with probably 5-6 soft resets daily. That’s not to mention all the times that it locks up, and takes 3-4 minutes to turn on. I’m 95% certain the stability is software related, however I simply don’t have the spare time to hunt down the offending program. The fact that developers have done so much with the Palm OS is probably why there can be stability issues. I’m still unable to use Verichat due to severe lack of stability while it’s installed.

The last of the reasons is multitasking. I love being able to keep a web page loaded in the background while i take a phone call, or shoot off an SMS. With the Treo this involved the lengthy process of stopping and restarting Blazer, or using the unpolished Xino.

I’ll be posting a list of 10 must-have features that I expect to see in the next Palm OS Treo – whatever they decide to call it.

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