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Treo 750v Review

2 October 2006

treo-750v.jpgThe Treo 750v is a device destined for just about every market except the US. Since I’m American, that is a bit of a disappointment to me, but there are many Treo fans worldwide who will welcome this device with stylus in hand. The most noticeable difference between the 750v and the 650 before it is the lack of an antenna. It is also ~1mm thinner and 26g lighter than the US 700w/wx. Along the way, the SD card slot has shrunk to a mini-SD slot, and had to be moved to the side of the device, rather than it’s normal spot up top. Overall, the Treo 750v is definitely the smallest, sleekest, most stylish Treo we’ve seen yet.

Treo 750v Specs

Treo 750v Reviews

Trusted Reviews reviews the Treo 750v and writes – ‘The absence of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 1.2 and lack of front facing camera and the need for a separate charger all annoy. These aside, Palm has done something quite special with the Treo 750v. The company has enhanced a widely used operating system with clever tweaks that reflect how users (or at least how this user) wants to work, making it easier to perform a lot of standard tasks. In doing so, Palm has added value to Windows Mobile in ways others have not managed and produced hardware that is neat, tidy and ergonomic.’

ZDNet UK reviews the Treo 750v and writes – ‘The obvious comparison is with the BlackBerry Pearl 8100, launched last week. But whereas RIM is shrinking the BlackBerry and adding ‘phone’ features to appeal to consumers, Palm is sticking with a bulkier device and appealing to business users with its emphasis on Microsoft’s push email functionality. Having said that, the Treo 750v does also have a camera and a media player, so it could have wider appeal when it becomes available on the Vodafone network at the beginning of October.’

Treo Central reviews the Treo 750v and expresses their concern about Palm’s choice of manufacturer’s – ‘Surprisingly, the Treo 750v is manufactured by HTC, and not another manufacturer such as Inventec that would help diversify Palm’s portfolio of manufactures. While HTC does a terrific job of building quality products, because they have recently started to market and create devices themselves they are in direct competition to Palm and their devices.’

Treonauts reviews the Treo 750v and writes – ‘As many other PalmOS Treonauts will undoubtedly agree, I am feeling increasingly disappointed to see that all of the latest first launches of new hardware form factors (such as the Treo 700w previously) are being released under Windows Mobile first. I have no doubt that this is not Palm’s fault but that of the carriers who for one reason or another find themselves motivated to promote WM ahead of PalmOS.’

Jason Langridge reviews the Treo 750v and writes – ‘One of the areas Palm has spent a huge amount of time on is ensuring the device can be used one handed. I did post an article last week on this and got a huge amount of comments on this very topic! With the Treo 750v I never ever pull out the stylus to operate the device. Pretty much everything can be achieved through the soft keys and on the device with the 5 way navigator. There is only one exception I’ve found – that is that you can’t align the screen ;)’

The Treo 750v looks like it will be a huge success – it has more of a Euro-type look and feel. Hopefully we can see the next generation Treo’s here in the States follow suit, and slim down just a tad.

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