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Treo Data Usage

16 October 2006

Many of us Treo owners would definitely call ourselves “Power Users” – we use every capability of our Treo, and sometimes more. We go above and beyond what Palm designed the Treo for, and we do it every day. No challenge is too great.

One of the measures of a power user is how much data they use – and there’s an easy way to find out. On the phone screen, simply type ##786 enter. The resulting screen will show you a number of things, but the thing we’re interested in is the second line – Life Data. This will show you how much you’ve downloaded, in kilobytes, since your Treo was born.

How much data are you at? If you have a crazy number, please post a screen shot so we can all admire. I’m at 6,826,020. That’s 6.8 GIGABYTES. This is on my Treo 700p that I got when it came out, so it’s a fairly new device. Does anyone have me beat?

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