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USA Today and your Blackberry

25 May 2006

Blackberry owners may find this new software very useful – if they are also readers of USA Today, that is. A company called Mobile Voice Control is introducing a service on Sprint / Nextel Blackberries that allows users to speak commands, and have the Blackberry automatically go to that part of USA Today’s website.

While certainly limited in its use, this is a neat feature for Blackberry users. The Blackberries that are able to use this program are listed here: 7100i, 7520, 7130e, and 8700.

Mobile Voice Control says that no voice training is required, which should ease the concerns of some. Many voice recognition applications require the user to “train” the program to understand his or her speech patterns.

No word on pricing yet…. if this service / application is priced correctly, then I think it will do well. Price it too high, and it will be a complete failure. Based on its limited, but very focused feature set, I would not expect this software to be priced higher than $19.99, although only time will tell.

Via SmartPhoneToday.

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