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Verizon releases AKU2 ROM for XV6700.

22 July 2006

Verizon XV6700About time! Here’s what the update includes

* Direct Push Technology- Keep your Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, and Inbox up-to-date using Direct Push Technology. Plus, you can now browse your corporate address book over-the-air with Exchange 2003 SP2. Faster transfer and synchronization of data- Outlook data sent between Exchange Server and a Windows Mobile-based device is significantly compressed, enabling faster transfer and synchronization of data.
* Better protection of device data and management of devices
* Added a Voice Dialing application to allow you to leverage the handsfree capability already on the device.
* Main Today Screen provides you the capability to lock the device and prevent inadvertently activity.
* Corrected an issue where unknowingly, to the user, the device would enter into “Flight Mode”
* Added the capability to enable Wi-Fi and CDMA simultaneously.

Sounds pretty good. of course the Push email is the big one here, and the main reason most people will upgrade. The only catch? The update will delete all your data. Ouch.You can get the update here.

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