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VITO AudioNotes Review

27 March 2006

audionotes.gifVITO Technology recently asked me to review AudioNotes – a voice and sound recording program. I thought it was a great idea – I love the chance to review new Windows Mobile software. So here goes.

Installing AudioNotes was very simple – just run the included EXE file and the installer takes care of everything for you. Once it’s installed, the shortcut is placed in your programs menu for you. When you run Audionotes, you get a screen that looks like this. VidyaScreen003%20copy.gif

AudioNotes gives you several options for your recording. You can choose to save your files to main memory or you can save files directly to your mini-SD card. With space being so precious on the PPC-6700, I chose the memory card. To make the space-saving effort even better, AudioNotes gives you several options for sound quality. You can save files in full-size WAV format if you’re a stickler for quality. Most people will opt for the other choice – Audionotes can save your sound files as MP3’s – no need for conversion later. You’ll have your choice of bitrates – with low, middle, and high quality levels available. I would recommend using the high quality. Sound files do end up marginally larger, but I think the improvement in sound quality is worth it.

Another use for AudioNotes is to record those phone conversations that you don’t want to forget. Just press record, then answer the phone. It’s as simple as that. Now you don’t have to worry about who said what – you can listen to it later. Be sure to check your state laws before using this function – some states require that both parties be aware of the recording device.

The user interface of AudioNotes is very intuitive, and easy to learn. It’s very basic and too the point, but not spartan. It’s a very pleasing visual interface. AudioNotes also allows for the installation of several different skins, so you can change the look a bit, if that’s your cup of tea. Personally I like the default look just fine.

AudioNotes does exactly what it is designed to do. It allows you to make short audio notes for yourself, and store them in a variety of ways. It provides just the right number of options – not too many so as to be confusing. And probably the best part of all? AudioNotes is priced right – currently just $19.95 at the Vito Technology store. Many software makers err by charging too much for their software – Vito Technology has this one priced right. I’ll confidently give me recommendation for this software – it’s a very useful tool.

As a sidenote, I do want to thank the team at Vito Technology for their support. I had some issues witha faulty PPC-6700 unit, and they were quite to help re-register AudioNotes, and happy to do so. Timely, friendly customer support is priceless, and not always easy to find. Kudos to the Vito team.

Lots more screenshots for you to enjoy after the jump.


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