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VoIP using WiFi on your Smartphone?

18 February 2006

PC Mag reports that soon we’ll have phones than can make VoIP calls on a WiFi network – ‘Chipmaker Royal Philips Electronics confirmed that a U.S. cellular carrier will launch voice-over-Wi-Fi technology this year, based on Philips’ new Nexperia 6120 chipset. Callers should be able to make calls on their home Wi-Fi networks for “a couple of bucks a month, flat rate,” according to Philips’ Carsten Schimanke.’

This would be a big deal to me, not so much on the cost front, as I’m sure they’ll stick it to us somehow, but more on the reception side. I get excellent reception with Sprint everywhere. Everywhere, that is, except my house – I get about 1 bar, and can’t use the phone at all on one side of the house. Being able to hook up to my WiFi network would solve that real good.

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