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Wirefly Mobile Review

9 January 2007

Before I begin, this post is a sponsored post. I am a member of Review Me, a program that advertisers use to raise awareness of their websites. I am required to acknowledge that this is a sponsored post, but I will give an honest review. I.E. I am not required to give a positive review, if I don’t feel the site deserves it. If I was, I wouldn’t be doing this post.  Ok, on to business.

Wirefly.com ( or Wirefly mobile ) is a website that sells cell phones.  The hook is that nearly all of their cell phone offerings are free.  Often there is a rebate involved to get the phone for free, and in every case there is a contract required.  Look for two years, so make sure you choose your phone wisely.

Notice how I said most phones are free – key word being most.  Some phones, very notably the Treo line, will cost you.  Wirefly does offer a significant discount to help ease the pain of the high cost, but you will not get away from.  Current prices on either of the Sprint Treo 700 models is $250 after rebates.

As long as you watch out for the final price of the phone, you should be ok.  There is a quite a nice selection of FAR ( free after rebate ) phones available, so everyone should be able to find something they like.  Wirefly even has accessories and ringtones, if that is your thing. 

So, would I use Wirefly?  Well, probably not.  I’m perpetually in a contract with Sprint, and I doubt that will ever end.  Sprint has been good to me, and I don’t plan on taking my business elsewhere.  But for someone who needs a new line of service, Wirefly offers a great selection of products; and the price is certainly right.

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